Kate Middleton sets the trend with a floral dress that you will want in your closet

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Summer 2020 has arrived and Kate Middleton has started off on the right foot this season By displaying the most beautiful and elegant floral print dress that all women should have in our closet during this spring-summer season.

There is no doubt that Kate Middleton He has developed a great style to look comfortable and elegant at all times. Unlike other royalty women, Kate shares the same taste as Princess Diana for opting for elegant but accessible outfits to wear on any occasion.

Kate Middleton made his first public appearance, after video calls at the children’s hospital “The Nook” to get to know the work of the teachers and the children who reside there. Prince William’s wife he passed out sunflower seeds and got his hands dirty to plant some plants.

In addition to being an elegant and simple woman, Kate Middleton stole her eyes by showing off her beautiful purple flowered dress in all, with a small V neckline and bulky brand sleeves “Faithfull The Brand” matching with comfortable open sneakers in a nude tone.

Being a total lover of gardening, Kate Middleton she was without makeup, smiling, elegant and friendly in front of the cameras that accompanied her in this activity, where I really enjoy planting flowers in the garden of the children’s hospital “The Nook”.

And now her new flowered dress has set a trend for all women in the rest of this 2020. Being one of the most beautiful and comfortable dresses to enjoy during the season, as well as being ideal for a formal or casual event.

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