Kate Winslet filming in Vienna

The shooting is definitely going to take a long time, it should last until the end of February. The base camp for cast and crew has been on Schillerplatz in the first district since last week, all parking spaces are reserved for the film crew. In the immediate vicinity, in the Hotel Meridien, parts of the crew are accommodated. But Kate Winslet might live somewhere else. The Oscar winner has already been spotted and is said to have been in town since Friday.

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Are Grant and Riseborough coming?

Kostar Matthias Schoenaerts arrived in Vienna on Saturday. Hugh Grant and Andrea Riseborough, who are also on the set list, have not yet been spotted. Filming will take place at several locations in the city – including Schönbrunn Palace. Since last week, the baroque garden palace in Liechtenstein in the ninth district has been set up for the shooting. The residents were also informed about the shooting by means of a notice.

Because of the strict non-disclosure clauses, not much is known about the shoot. According to a local inspection by in the early Monday afternoon, it is likely that the Liechtenstein Garden Palace was an interior film. So there isn’t much to see from outside, apart from notices announcing the shooting and a well-stocked fleet of vehicles.

“Never such a big international film”

“I don’t think we’ve had such a large international shoot of this length before. Filming takes place here for several weeks, which is quite remarkable. And for Vienna as a film location and for the film industry based here, it’s really a great story,” said Marijana Stoisits, Managing Director of the Vienna Film Commission, to the “Kurier” on Sunday.

She met HBO Vice President Jay Roewe in Los Angeles last July. If Austria has competitive film funding, she should get in touch, Stoisits told the “Kurier”: “While I was on the plane to Vienna, the government – after years of announcements – presented the new model. Three days later I had a short and sweet email: ‘We need to talk. Jay.’ That worked in a second.”

Schönbrunn Palace should also be a film location

According to “Kurier”, it should be fixed that shooting will take place in the Liechtenstein Garden Palace by Thursday and that the 200-strong film crew will then move on to another location in the city. According to reports, Schönbrunn Palace is also on the shooting schedule: the Filmfaces agency, which recruited extras, recently posted a photo of it on Facebook. They are not allowed to say anything because of the very strict confidentiality clauses, it was said to ORF Vienna, not even how many extras they cast for the shoot.

It is not yet known when “The Palace” will appear. At the center of the plot is an authoritarian regime and how it begins to dissolve within a year. Showrunner and writer is Will Tracy (“Succession”).