Kate Wright unveiled her Rio Ferdinand engagement ring for the first time – and that's huge.

The solid cushion-cut diamond is embedded in a platinum band studded with additional diamonds.

When she wanted to show off the sparkler, she got a bright red manicure when she came home from Abu Dhabi after announcing her engagement on Thursday.

The former TOWIE star was surprised with another surprise when her future stepchildren read balloons saying "she said yes" to mark the happy occasion.

"The sweetest of all times," she wrote, sharing an image on Instagram.

Kate Wight and Rio Ferdinand celebrate their engagement

Kate Wright has a similar engagement ring

When Kate returned from the glamorous capital of the United Arab Emirates, she initially announced a step back from her vacation – but kept her ring finger hidden.

"Log of holiday pictures that come through (sic)," she commented.

With a bright yellow skirt and a white lace skirt, Kate hid her wedding finger first.

However, she was discovered with her ring shown in images seen today by Mirror Online.

Her future stepchildren held up balloons

Kate is still hiding her wedding finger

Earlier this week, the former star of Manchester United beat Rio in style. He dropped to one knee in a helipad on the roof of the swish St. Regis hotel in the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

"The perfect end to our vacation … How could the answer not be yes," Kate wrote on Instagram next to a series of footage showing the romantic scenes.

And the couple looked as sweet as ever when they visited the city's Ferrari World for a day of fun, while Rio put a protective arm around his future bride as they beamed into the camera.

The couple snuggled for the cameras

Kate was not the only one on the arm of Rio

There was no sign of Kate's ring in the picture. This was the first time she had been shared since the announcement of her happy news.

It was back to normal for the former TOWIE star when the family arrived in Blighty last night.

On the positive side, she was reunited with her lovely little dog Bubba and thanked the fans for the congratulations.

He asked the question on a helipad

His three children helped him with the planning

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"I feel overwhelmed … thanks for all the good news today," she wrote on Instagram next to an emoji kiss.

Kate and Rio began their first relationships in 2017, two years after the death of his wife Rebecca, who was only 34 years old.

Kate quit Reality TV almost immediately to be a full-time stepmother for his children Lorenz, Tate, and Tia, declaring, "I felt I had two choices, I was in this world that had a lot of drama, it was very public.

"They lost their mother, they do not need a woman who will be out everywhere, they need someone who will be at their homes to love them."

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