Käthe Heinrichs celebrates 100th birthday in Haus Bungeroth

For the 100th birthday in Mönchengladbach
Käthe Heinrichs – water is her element

Käthe Heinrichs will be 100 years old on July 30, 2021. Sport always played a big role in her life, especially in Korschenbroich. Today she is enjoying her retirement at Haus Bungeroth and spending time with the family.

Käthe Heinrichs looks around the bright lounge in the Bungeroth house. The sun shines through the deep windows, the table is decorated with a bouquet of flowers. “I feel comfortable here. I’m glad I ended up here. I made good connections here. I’m also happy when my daughter is there, she helps me, ”she says and smiles. Today, Friday, she celebrates her 100th birthday.

In 2016 she moved to the retirement home. She also got actively involved as a member of the residents’ council. Last year she resigned her office because the eyes are no longer so right. “They did their job for 100 years”, says Käthe Heinrichs. “I am happy when there is music. Especially the marine association from Neuss. I also enjoy taking part in the breakfast round or the coffee chat, ”says the senior citizen. “Bingo is not really my cup of tea,” she adds and can’t quite help laughing. The memory training or the gymnastics are more to the taste of the sporty senior citizen.

Swimming is her great passion. In 1980 her son-in-law Siegbert Schmitz founded the Movement Sport Health Association in Korschenbroich. Käthe Heinrichs regularly took her laps there. “I’ve always done a lot of sport. Swimming was my hobby, ”she says. That rubbed off on the whole family. The daughter and her two brothers Gerd and Klaus trained regularly.

Käthe Heinrichs was born in Krefeld. There she learned to be a seamstress after school. She later followed her second passion, cooking what she taught herself, and helped set up the kitchen of a nursing home as a diet cook in Krefeld. “It turned into a large kitchen,” Käthe Heinrichs reports proudly. “I like to cook and also like to eat”. But she thinks less about sweet things. “I prefer to eat a sandwich with something tasty on it. Or pasta. It always tastes good, ”she says.

She liked to go on vacation to Bavaria or, most recently, to the Eifel. There she hiked with a friend. “It’s not that far away. We looked at the villages and did a lot of walking, ”says Käthe Heinrichs.

Her first husband died during the war. In 1950 she married a second time. Today she is the proud grandmother of six grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. On her birthday, she first celebrates in a small group. Later there will be a celebration with the whole family. A birthday cake with a big 100 on it is of course firmly planned. But of course something hearty shouldn’t be missing either, and so Käthe Heinrichs asked for canapes for her birthday. Her mother’s daughter is happy to fulfill this wish.