Kathrine Sørland: – Responds to the wig rumors

As a former “Miss Universe” participant, Kathrine Sørland (42) knows a lot about what goes on in the beauty world. Still, she was not aware that hair transplantation was also an opportunity for women, she tells Se og Hør.

Both had new boyfriends

A while ago, Sørland managed to hit her head so hard into the bathroom door that she got an open wound in front of her forehead that would not heal properly.

As a result, hair did not grow on that particular area of ​​the scalp, and the 42-year-old went to a clinic that specializes in hair transplants for help.

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Now Sørland has lined up as a reference for the clinic, and can tell See and Hear that she is very happy with the treatment she has received.

– I got the clinic recommended through a friend of mine, and I realized that I was in good hands. My hair has never been fuller, thicker and finer than it is now, she believes.

About the hair loss: - Was mentally broken down

About the hair loss: – Was mentally broken down

Sørland says that she had a so-called PRP treatment performed where they took blood samples which were then centrifuged. After this, they injected her blood into the fat in the scalp.

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Cover the wound with a hair piece

To cover the hairless spot, Sørland chose to use a so-called hair part while her transplanted hair grew out. She says that she received good help in selecting a suitable hair part.

Reveals hair transplant

Reveals hair transplant

– I just thought: «why have I not done this before? It’s brilliant. ‘ If I have a bad hair day I can just touch it! I have a regular hair part and a part with bangs, so then I can decide a little day to day.

While a hard part may be practical, it can also present some disadvantages. Therefore, Sørland is grateful that it was only temporary.

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– It is also very nice to not have to go with such a hard part every day. For example, you get very hot, it feels a bit like a lid on your head. I was standing in that kitchen, sweating to death, she says with a laugh, referring to her participation in “Camp Kulinaris”, where she came in third place.

- Was a touching moment when we told him

– Was a touching moment when we told him

Got more comments

When the cooking competition was broadcast on TV, several people noticed the former Miss Queen’s full mane.

Sørland admits that she has received several messages where people have asked if she has worn a wig.

– It has been difficult to explain it to everyone who has asked. It’s my hair and my problem, and I do not have to share everything in this world.

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Now, however, the 42-year-old believes that the time has come to be open about what has happened, and she wants to be honest about the treatment she has undergone.

– I think honesty is the right way to go and now I do not have to answer people here and there. Hair can be super sensitive for some, and in my case I would not go with a hair part for the rest of my life. Therefore, I am incredibly happy that I took the treatment, and after only one year, my hair has grown back, she points out.

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