Kathy unpacks: It was that bad with the Kelly Family – Tv

When Kathy Kelly speaks in the “Celebrity Big Brother” house about her time with the Kelly Family, she bursts into tears.

In the fourth episode “Celebrity Big Brother” it got particularly emotional for candidate Kathy Kelly. Roommate Sascha Heyne asked her about her time with the Kelly family: “Did it hit you back then that you were basically the epitome of ugly clothes back then?”

Kathy and her family were laughed at

In direct conversation, Kathy replied coolly: “We always dressed differently. Either people thought it was nice or they laughed at you.” She goes on to explain: “You work so hard. But then suddenly you are insulted in the worst possible way.”

“It hurt me extremely”

But tears rolled down in the office of the 57-year-old: “I’m toughened up, but still. That hurt and it still hurts when a joke like that comes in this direction. It hurt me extremely,” she reveals .

The musician makes it clear that she and her family have always paid attention to hygiene, although they have often been accused of the opposite. Although Kathy is still preoccupied with the nasty insults, she is glad “to finally be able to say that.”

The first candidate is already out. It hit tennis player Claudia Kohde-Kilsch. She was voted out by her roommates.

“Promi Big Brother” is broadcast daily on Sat 1 at 10:15 pm.

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