At the premiere of her new movie "Vox Lux," Natalie Portman addresses California fires and anti-Semitism and says, "We need to come back to love your neighbor." (November 10)

Katy Perry slams President Trump over his tweeting about California forest fires Tens of thousands of people were forced to vacate their homes quickly, including several prominent celebrities.

In his early Saturday tweet, Trump accused the "costly" fires for "gross mismanagement of the forests," adding, "Remedy now or no more Fed payments!"

The singer went to Twitter the same day to tweet the president's tweet with her own reaction, calling Trump's reaction "heartless."

"This is an absolutely heartless answer, it's not even politics, only good American families lose their homes when they tweet and evacuate to shelters," she tweeted.

Perry was not the only celebrity to call Trump over his reaction to the fire. John Legend also tweeted his own Snarky thoughts.

"Our national embarrassment can not bring some empathy to the Californians who are dealing with a terrible catastrophe," he wrote.

In a sequel tweet, Legend thanked the firefighters for their service.

"I am grateful that our brave firefighters did some dangerous work to save their neighbors," he wrote.

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