Unilever products of the brands Knorr, Langnese or Lipton are currently not available in Kaufland branches.

Unilever products of the brands Knorr, Langnese or Lipton are currently not available in Kaufland branches.(Photo: imago stock & people)

Sunday, 04. November 2018

For many supermarket chains products of the group Unilever are too expensive – Kaufland speaks of price gouging and leaves almost 500 items disappear from the shelves. For the coming year should change the prices but nothing.

The supermarket chain Kaufland does not want to meet the consumer goods manufacturer Unilever in the dispute over trading conditions. "The current price increases are significant, they amount to some items up to 27 percent," said a spokesman for Kaufland the Berlin "Tagesspiegel". For the coming year Unilever announced "further significant increases".

These can by no means only be justified by the current cost or raw material developments. "Rather, we assume that Unilever wants to increase its return disproportionately due to its current situation on the stock market," Kaufland accuses the Dutch-British group.

The company of the Schwarz Group, which also includes the discount chain Lidl, expects Unilever that "these unjustified price increases are attributed to a level of raw material development". "In it, we see the only chance for an agreement," said the Kaufland spokesman. For constructive conversation one is still open.

In September 2018, Kaufland had banned nearly 500 Unilever products because both companies could not agree on new prices. Affected were brands such as Knorr, Langnese, Lipton or Ax. In the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria as well, there was an order freeze for some Unilever products. "This is a new stage in such disputes and is used as a means of pressure against us," said Unilever boss for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Ulli Gritzuhn of the "world". "Almost all food retailers are entering the annual negotiations with expectations and demands that prices fall."





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