Kaufland calls the competition: No one will soon find less than 25,000 on the payroll

The Kaufland retail chain will increase the minimum wage of its employees full-time to 25,000 crowns from June, and temporary workers will also be added. Specialized positions will also receive additional bonuses for expertise. The company stated this in a press release on Monday. Kaufland thus joins the competition, which in many cases increased wages at the beginning of this year.

Since June, Kaufland has been guaranteeing sellers 26 thousand crowns after the first year since its inception and another thousand crowns more after the second. Employees in specialized positions, such as service counters, will receive additional expertise bonuses.

From June, the chain will increase the remuneration of part-time workers to 140 crowns for each hour worked, or 155 crowns for part-time workers on service counters.

Kaufland has been operating in the Czech Republic since 1998, when it opened its first store in Kladno. It now operates over 100 stores, employing approximately 15,000 operations staff. It belongs to the same German retail group Schwarz as the Lidl chain. Last March, he increased the starting salary of saleswomen or cashiers to more than 28,500 crowns a month and after three years to 32,000 crowns. Wages are higher in Lidl’s Prague stores.

In March, Kaufland raised wages to the same level as the rival chain Penny Market. Employees in stores and logistics centers received an average of three percent more. “The basic salary of a cashier working full time without additional surcharges is now at least from 25 thousand crowns to almost 30 thousand crowns,” said spokesman Tomáš Kubík.

Already in January, it increased the wages of employees, for example Bill, by at least three percent, and on average by five percent. Employees were also entitled to existing benefits, such as meal vouchers worth 100 crowns.

At the beginning of the year, salaries for employees were also raised by the Albert chain, by at least three percent, on average, employees received six percent more.

Jiří Halbrštát, recruitment and marketing manager of ManpowerGroup, previously reminded the on-line daily Aktuálně.cz that the growth of wages and benefits in this sector was very fast, especially in the years 2016 to 2019. However, it has rather stopped now.

According to Martin Svojš from the Union of Employees of Trade, Logistics and Services (UZO), it was agreed for this year to increase the wages of employees in most chains by just three to five percent. “Ideally, however, we would imagine growth of seven to ten percent,” he added.

As the data of the portal show, a seller in the Czech Republic earns from 18,000 to 37,000 crowns a month, depending on the region and the employer. As can be seen from the string data, salary is most often in the middle of these two amounts.

For comparison – according to the Czech Statistical Office, the average wage in the Czech Republic in the last quarter of last year increased by 6.5 percent year on year to 38,525 crowns.