Kaunas resident is angry: the water of Lake Lampedis is black – how will people bathe?

The editorial staff of the portal kaunodiena.lt received a letter from a Kaunas resident with views from the beach of Lake Lampėdis. The man who leaves the lake on a free Sunday is outraged that the lake is polluted – the water is simply blackened and the bottom is covered with mud.

Linas from Kaunas is worried that when the warm weather approaches, people will not have a place to swim.

“I am sending images from Lampedis beach to the sauna. Most gather here after sports or sauna, and the hot weather will start tomorrow. People will choose, and there are no opportunities to swim, pay attention – only the mud is formed, the water is just blackened, people can be spilled, ”Linas told about the situation about the polluted water of Lake Lampėdis.

The Kaunas resident is convinced that the water of the lake has become unattractive for swimming due to the dredger’s work here. The man wonders who will now be responsible for clearing the bottom of the lake.

“Everything from that dredger is here, I wonder who will be responsible for cleaning the bottom,” Linas from Kaunas presents his version of the muddy water of Lake Lampėdis.

The portal reminds that in October last year dredging works were started in Lake Lampėdis. When they are completed, the athletes of Bangpūtys Sports School will paddle in a 2 km long straight without any obstacles. At the same time, it was expected that the nearby bathing place, which was popular with Kaunas residents, would become much safer.

Last year, the peninsula, excess gravel and sand deposits, boulders, and mud were excavated for more than half a year to improve rowing training conditions. More than 155 thousand. cubic meters of soil.

Photo of Kaunas municipality.

Last autumn, an impressive dredger was working in the water of Lake Lampėdis – it had to deepen the entire 2-kilometer-long section by March. According to the requirements, the depth of the track must be at least 3 meters.

The dredger will at the same time level the bottom of the lake. It is no secret that the shores of Lampėdžiai are extremely deep, and the bottom is full of pits left over from the former quarry. This is considered to be one of the main reasons why bathing in this body of water has claimed many lives.

During the dredging of the route, the pumped soil was spread closer to the shores, thus softening their slope and eliminating the unevenness of the bottom. It was hoped that swimming in Lake Lampedis would be safer.