Home News Kavanaugh allegations liven up the allegations of crucial Supreme Court rulings

Kavanaugh allegations liven up the allegations of crucial Supreme Court rulings

But Kavanaugh is not the only one who feels political heat. Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, who learned of the allegations in a July 30 letter from the wife, is abused by Kavanaugh's GOP supporters, who see the controversy as a sign smear and progressives in their party, which put the Californian senator on explosives Accusations.

The episode has sent tensions between and within both parties back to the boiling point via a nomination that could reshape the court for decades. The bad feeling was already deep, after the Democrats complained that the GOP was rushing without careful scrutiny by holding back tens of thousands of documents.

The Confirmation Showdown also has important Democrats considering a run for President in 2020, an early forum, with California Senator Kamala Harris and New Jersey Senator Cory Booker both scoring points with liberal activists, even though they were accused of republican tribute.

The allegations against Kavanaugh are being used by liberals to undermine the White House's efforts to present him as a family man and advocate of women and girls, partly to dispel democratic allegations that he will overturn the right to abortion.

Kavanaugh, currently a judge at the Court of Appeals in Washington, has categorically and unequivocally rejected the allegations, and Republicans are furious that his opponents openly debate them, even though there is no evidence that they are true. The alleged incident while Kavanaugh was in high school was not investigated at the time and there is no indication the woman reported it to the police.

But the centrality of the Supreme Court's open seat means that the controversy will only escalate in the run-up to an expected vote by the Judiciary Committee on the nomination of Kavanagh next week.

Anita Hill, the lawyer who shook allegations of sexual assault in 1991 for the Supreme Court judge Clarence Thomas, made a statement on Friday night.
Anita Hill responds to sexual misconduct charges against Brett Kavanaugh

"The reluctance of someone to sign up shows that even in the #MeToo era, it's incredibly difficult to report harassment, abuse or attacks by people in power," said Hill.

"The Senate Judiciary Committee should initiate a process that allows anyone with a complaint of this sort to be heard, and I have seen first hand what happens when such a lawsuit is prepared against a prosecutor, and no one should have to bear it again "

At this stage, there is no sign that Kavanaugh's nomination is under threat, due to the majority of the GOP Senate and the great incentive for Republicans to consolidate a conservative majority on the nation's highest bank.

The woman who had made the allegations declined to appear in public after she wrote them in a letter sent to Feinstein. Proponents say that their anonymity should be respected, that they deserve to be heard, and that claims must be investigated.

But without new developments, perhaps on the scale of a public indictment of Kavanaugh, it is hard to see Republican senators bow to democratic pressure to act. The Democrats could call for new public or private sessions in the Judiciary Committee to deal with the allegations. But all their efforts to shape the confirmation process were rejected by the Republicans.

Once the whisper of allegations became known on Thursday, the White House accused minority leader Chuck Schumer of the Democratic Senate of using it as an 11-hour delaying tactic to slow down Kavanaugh's affirmation – and found that Feinstein had not addressed the issue before Public.

As more and more media reported the allegations on Friday, Chair Grassley, chairman of the Senate for Justice, published an 11-point statement that was unusually personal in its criticism of Feinstein.

It said that the California Senator had failed to attend a secret meeting of the committee in which sensitive material was discussed and in which the letter was not mentioned.

Grassley's office also sent a letter signed by 65 women who have known the candidate for 35 years, saying that he has "behaved honorably and treated women with respect" at all times.

Another key Republican member of the Judiciary Committee, Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah, complained that the allegations had not been confirmed and said the judge had presented six FBI background investigations over the past 25 years, including interviews with families, friends and acquaintances problems.

Read Brett Kavanaugh's written answers to the Senate Judiciary Committee

"I do not intend to give up the affirmation of Judge Kavanaugh on an 11th-hour charge that the Democrats did not think fit for over a month," Hatch said in a statement.

Politically, the only threat to Kavanaugh's affirmation seems to be in the votes of two Republicans, Senator Susan Collins of Maine and Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, who were under heavy pressure from proponents of election propaganda to refuse him, as it is likely that Support cases that could overturn the right to abortion.

Kavanaugh continued with a scheduled conversation with Collins, which lasted an hour on Friday. The staff of the Maine Senator refused to provide details of the conversation.

Should the controversy escalate, it could also change the political terrain for Red Democrat Democrats, who are being pressured by the Party's Liberal base to reject Kavanaugh and their own Conservative voters to vote for its confirmation.

The political consequences of the allegations were not limited to questions about Kavanaugh.

Feinstein faced an unwelcome new attack from California's progressive jungle primacy predator Kevin de León, who framed her as a Washington veteran who lost touch with her constituents.

He wanted to know why Feinstein had "waited almost three months" to hand over the letter to the federal authorities and why she had "politely mimed" by acknowledgment hearings without mention.

Questions about why Feinstein did not respond to information that could at least be seen as one way to slow down or disrupt Kavanaugh's nomination are also puzzling the Capitol Hill Democrats.

Feinstein's staff tried to stop the political controversy on Friday noon.

A Californian senator spokesman said she took the allegations seriously and thought they should be published, but was curtailed by the prosecutor's desire to remain anonymous.

"It is crucial in matters of sexual misconduct to protect the identity of the victim if they want to remain anonymous, and the senator did so in this case."

The uproar over the letter has revealed the disagreeable spot that Feinstein faced in the Kavanaugh nomination. In the hearings, she put pointed questions to the candidate on issues such as his attitude to abortions and interrogation of terrorist suspects during the Bush administration.

But their interventions lacked the partisan energy of senators like Booker and Harris.

Progressive groups responded quickly to the allegations about Kavanaugh. The activist group "Rise up for Roe" said he should "retire immediately".

The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights said the accusation should be taken seriously, while respecting the privacy of the woman who made the allegations.

"Once staffed, senators will not be able to withdraw their votes, and you need to be sure they have Kavanaugh's full report before proceeding with his appointment to the Supreme Court," said Vanita Gupta, president and CEO of the group.

CNN's Ariane de Vogue, Maeve Reston and Philip Mattingly contributed to this story



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