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Kavic suggested that Su Shuai change his formation but was rejected in the end…

According to a report in the Manchester Evening News, KavicMichael CarrickAnd McKenna had hoped that Manchester United would adopt a different style of play, but Susque checkedOle SolskjærRejected.

Kavic and McKenna hope that Manchester United will use three guards to change their defense. Susquecha originally planned to change the team’s formation to 4-3-3 in the preseason, but Manchester United kept the 4-2-3-1 formation until the 0-5 defeat to Liverpool, which allowed them to face off. Tottenham, Atlanta and Manchester City used three guards in the games.In the game against Tottenham, Manchester United won 3-0, but in the game against Atalanta, due to HualaniRaphael VaraneInjury, the team formation has changed back to four guards. In the first game coached by Kavic against Villarreal, Manchester United started 4-2-3-1, but when there was no ball, the team’s formation changed to 4-4-2. When the team had the ball, the team’s formation changed to 4-3-3.

In Manchester United, Kavic and McKenna are training players, and people generally do not believe that they will continue to stay in the team after Susquecha leaves. According to a source who claims to be in the locker room, many senior players of the team have certain opinions on McKenna’s training methods, and they call him the “coach of the school team.”

Manchester United star SkossPaul ScholesAfter Manchester United lost 1-4 to Watford, the Manchester United coaching staff was lashed out. He told reporters: “The same people are in charge of the team. They decide which players can play. It can be said that McKenna and Kavic are the people who prepare for the team. Susquecha gave them. The right to do so. But seeing the results of the game tonight, I am embarrassed by their work, I think they should all leave. They are a member of the coaching team of Susquecha, and Susquecha is there every week Trust them and let them prepare for the game. But they disappointed the players and the club, just like Susqueta. Susqueta trusts them very much, and he gives them all the trust. This is The reason why he should leave the position of head coach.”



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