Kawasaki Introduces the 150 cc Sport Duck Motorcycle Design! Honda and Yamaha are hot and cold, take a peek at the specifications

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – Kawasaki introduced the 150 sport moped, which would compete with Honda and Yamaha.

In creating the 150 sport motorcycle, Kawasaki will cooperate with Modenas, it makes Honda and Yamaha even more scared.

As reported by the official Bintang Otomotif Youtube channel, the Kawasaki 150 sport motorbike, which will be launched, has a frightening and aggressive design, which makes Honda and Yamaha shrink.

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In addition, the Kawasaki 150 motor sport duck, will also be equipped with super-sophisticated features, which make Honda and Yamaha afraid.

Where in creating the motorcycle, the Kawasaki manufacturer has officially collaborated with Modenas.

Modenas itself is an automotive brand from Malaysia, the two manufacturers collaborated to introduce the 150cc class super prototype sport motorbike.

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Seen the design of the new moped, has a fairly sturdy look on its side and is not much different from products from Yamaha and Honda.

Nasrun as CEO of Modenas in Malaysia said that currently his party is in the process of launching a new 150cc super sport motorbike together with Kawasaki.