Kawasaki Racing Team maintains its budget at ten million euros for the 2022 season

Kawasaki hits the accelerator again. The team managed by the Catalan company Provec Racing for a decade budget ten million euros for the 2022 seasonaccording to Biel Roda, co-founder of Provec Racing, to Palco23.

Kawasaki won six consecutive Super Bike World Championshipsfrom 2014 to 2020, but in 2021 he lost the throne, after the team driver Jonathan Rea came second. For the 2022 season, which has been underway since April 9, Kawasaki maintains a budget with the aim of returning to the top. “After six years in a row winning, being runner-up doesn’t affect our economic structure too much, so we continue budgeting ten million,” says Roda.

The Superbike team has benefits of 80,000 euros or 90,000 euros per season, since all the money that comes in is reinvested in the sports organization and in financing banking operations. “This is an anomaly in professional teams, because we do not have the intention of accumulating money, but exclusively of winning”, assured Roda.

Kawasaki outsources the services of Provec Racing for the sports, operational and marketing management of its Superbike team. Kawasaki, for its part, provides the engine and chassis for the motorcycles. The agreement between both parties is renewed annually. “We know that it can end at any time, but our vision is always long-term and we make plans for four years,” says Roda.

Riders Jonathan Rea and Alex Lowes are paid by Kawasaki, although Provec is the company in charge of sports management. In case it is necessary to search for a new rider, it is Provec who is in charge of carrying out a search in the motorcycling sports sector.

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The operating costs of Kawasaki, which is managed by Provec Racing, amount to up to 4.5 million of euros. The main income of the company comes from the money that Kawasaki contributes to Provec Racing. For their part, the income from sponsors and brand assets amount to up to three million euros.

Provec Racing was born more than fifteen years ago, when the Roda brothers asked for a loan of 125,000 euros to create their own championship. The company’s headquarters are in Granollers (Barcelona) and are led by the brothers Guim and Biel Roda, together with their cousin Àlvar Garriga.

Provec Racing bets on Supersport 300

Provec Racing also has its own project of its own: a team in Supersport 300 which it manages autonomously, but benefiting from the infrastructure created for the Superbike team. In 2021, the team had a budget close to half a million euros, but with the departure of the brand’s great asset, Ana Carrasco, who has gone to Moto3will have to rethink the future of the section.

Since last season, the team has a team managerCarla Grau, 22 years old and the only woman to assume that role in a Superbike team. The executive began collaborating with Provec Racing four years ago, due to the friendship of the team’s owners with her father, and the former Spanish ski champion has risen to lead the team.