Kawhi Leonard angry at Clippers medical staff

Kawhi Leonard is not happy. At least that’s the rumor that journalist Dan Feldman has shaped in NBC Sports. According to these reports, the Los Angeles Clippers star would be upset by the diagnosis that the Clippers doctors gave to his knee injury in the fourth game of the Western Conference finals, against the Jazz. The forward has not played since then and it does not seem that he is going to do it, but his feeling, always according to the latest revelations, is that the health personnel of the Los Angeles team underestimated the injury and did not give it the importance it had.

This is how things are. According to Skip Bayless (FOX), it is very likely that Kawhi will consider a surgery necessary this summer to be able to return to full form next year, so the chances of him returning to the series against the Suns are practically nil. The forward is watching the games from the stands and not on the bench, as if other injured teammates like Serge Ibaka do. In recent meetings, various journalists have revealed that at the break of the matches he goes down to the locker room to chat with his teammates. The Clippers are down 3-1 and are on the brink of elimination. What’s more, in the past 40 years, only the Warriors have managed to overcome an adverse 3-1 in the conference finals.. It was against the Thunder, in 2016. And in a historic series, of course.

Regardless of the veracity of these statements, it should be noted that this is not the first time that Kawhi has had problems with the doctors on his team. His divorce with the Spurs began there, and ended with his departure from a franchise always exemplary in the ways, but that he could not control the situation. That’s where the Clippers have to be careful, who have in their ranks an undaunted and strange player who is difficult to please and understand. Kawhi has not made his player option, but no one doubts his continuity in the Clippers. At the moment, this is the subject. The rest, we’ll see.