Kazakhstan closed the road to the Saratov section of the border with Russia because of a blizzard

Traffic on the highway leading to the checkpoint on the Saratov section of the Russian-Kazakh border has been completely suspended, the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Saratov region reported. Traffic is closed from the side of Kazakhstan, this is due to worsening weather conditions.

Traffic on the Uralsk-Taskala-Russian border road 4–104 km (Uralsk to the Russian border) is closed to all types of vehicles. The traffic on the highway A-298 Syzran — Saratov — Volgograd — Pristannoe — Ershov — Ozinki — border with Kazakhstan is temporarily restricted.

The restriction will be in effect until approximately 19:00, but “it can be continued if the weather conditions do not improve,” the Ministry of Transport and Roads of the Saratov Region told RIA Novosti. The Department of Emergency Situations of the West Kazakhstan region announced a storm warning in the region.

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