Kazm’s car with a million in the trunk has a finder. Thousands of people took part in the discovery in Kladno

The winner will use the white Land Rover’s win with a briefcase full of money for his brother’s operation.



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Source: Zakopaljsemauto / promotional material

It’s been about 8 months since Kazma announced on social media that somewhere in the Czech Republic he buried his white Land Roverin whose trunk he was million Czech crowns. The one who finds the car gets it along with the win can leave and it is not surprising that enthusiasts from all over the republic immediately started looking. The whole event was finally over ceremonial announcement, which took place in Kladno, in a field in Kročehlavy, where a thousand people gathered on Sunday evening, including the winner Jakub himself.


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Five competitors who met the rules of the competition were transported to Kladno blindfolded four helicopters. Subsequently, they set out to find a buried car in the field and shoveled the places where, according to them, the white Land Rover was hidden. Jakub from Karlovy Vary, who wants to, correctly marked it as the only place Use the win for your brother’s surgery. He grew up too fast, which is why he has problems with his spine and, in addition to surgery, he also needs expensive rehabilitation.

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The ceremonial unveiling she attended a thousand people, was connected to a television broadcast and moderated by Karel Voříšek. Magnificent show it ended with a disco, which attracted many locals.

It was a great experience for me, we all had a great time and I don’t regret the entrance fee at all. Kazma is simply a fighter who can stage a big show and whether it’s true or fiction, it’s not that important. The main thing is that people have fun, there is no lack of tension or a winner,Said one of the onlookers.

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