Ke Jie won the title of the Southwest King of Go: It is very important to be able to surpass yourself again

  Original title: Ke Jie won the title of the Southwest King of Go: It is very important to be able to surpass yourself again

“I am very grateful to Mr. Ma Xiaochun for winning this championship. He recently gave me a very pertinent suggestion, saying, ‘Don’t always play tricks that are close to AI’.” On the afternoon of the 19th, Ke Jie held Bai Sheng at Du Fu Thatched Cottage in Chengdu. Tang Weixing won the 21st China Go Southwest Chess King Tournament.

After the game, the newly promoted Southwest King said that a night talk with Ma Xiaochun not long ago made him think more deeply about Go. “That is to say, can I play my own things, can I play my own chess.”

It has been 6 years since AlphaGO was born in 2016 and launched a century-old “human-machine war” with South Korean chess player Lee Sedol. In the past six years, AI has profoundly affected the Go world. Learning from AI, playing against AI, and calculating winning rates with AI have become the training norm for top chess players in various countries. Whether AI has exhausted the changes in Go, the gap between the most advanced AI and top human chess players, etc. People think deeply.

Ma Xiaochun is the first Chinese Go world champion and the second generation leader of Chinese Go. Ke Jie ranked first for the 42nd consecutive month in the latest rankings of Chinese chess players announced by the China Go Association in May 2022. Although he is currently the number one player at Go in China, in a live broadcast this year, Ke Jie once said that the strength of human beings has soared because of AI, but it also makes it difficult for him to find the meaning of human players.

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In Ke Jie’s view, during the 21st China Southwest Go Championship, he played well in all four games, which is not unrelated to Teacher Ma Xiaochun’s suggestion. “Because of memorizing AI and notation, I really don’t have any advantage over young people. Teacher Ma said, ‘Now young people are so good at chess, and they are so familiar with AI routines, maybe your computing power will be better than that of young people. Okay, this sentence actually touched me very much.” Ke Jie said that she has been number one for a long time, and what she has to do now is not how to beat others, but whether she can surpass herself again and develop her own style. (Reporter He Shaoqing)