Ke Jie’s death, Dalong’s defeat to Jiang Dongrun, painful hair pulling at the scene, LG Cup Chinese team’s first loss and two generals continue to slump_真谞_中盘_Personal

Original title: Ke Jie died and Dalong was defeated by Jiang Dongrun on the scene, pulling his hair in pain at the scene

Ke Jie’s death and Dalong’s tragic loss to Jiang Dongrun’s hair was pulled in pain on the scene. In the LG Cup, the Chinese team lost the first two players and continued to slump.

On November 13th, Beijing time, the quarterfinals of the 27th LG Cup kicked off. In the two China-Korea battles that ended first today, Mi Yuting lost to defending champion Shen Zhenzhen; Ke Jie Dalong was killed and lost to Jiang Dongrun. At the end of the game, he pulled his hair very painfully at the scene, which was heartbreaking. In this competition, the Chinese team entered the quarter-finals with four players but has lost two generals so far. According to the schedule, there will be another two quarter-final matches tomorrow, with Ding Hao VS Jin Mingxun, Yang Dingxin VS Shibano Toramaru.

Shen Zhenzhen is the champion of the LG Cup in 2020 and 2022. Among them, Shen Zhenzhen won the first world championship in his career in the 24th event in 2020. Ke Jie has reached the semi-finals in the three LG Cups in 2020, 2021, and 2022, but his personal best result in this event is only the runner-up in 2021. At that time, he lost 1-2 to South Korea in an upset Shin Min-jung.

Shen Zhenzhen has just won his fourth personal world championship in the Samsung Cup. According to Ke Jie, Shen Zhenzhen can currently lead the world. Mi Yuting played black against Shen Zhenzhen today, and was quickly defeated. Chen Yunong, a professional chess player who taught chess online, sighed: “I have to admit that Xiao Shen is too strong. The understanding of AI in the first half of the game and the mid-game match With proper handling and ruthlessness at critical moments, it should be said that he is currently the number one in the world.”

In the match between Ke Jie and Jiang Dongrun, Jiang Dongrun went first with black. In the 64th move, Ke Jiebai played in the upper left corner and gained something.

By the 126th hand, Ke Jie was in a good situation, with a winning rate of over 90%.

Ke Jie made a few problematic moves in the mid-game battle, and black immediately took the initiative.

In the 223rd move, Ke Jie was killed by the dragon in the middle.Return to Sohu to see more


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