Keanu Reeves epic movie gets promising update


Keanu Reeves has a slew of cool movie projects in development, including John Wick: Chapter 4, but a film adaptation of his own comic book series BRZRKR is perhaps the most promising of these.

Reeves’ comic is about a demi-god who has become embroiled in an ancient cycle of bloodshed. The script of the film adaptation comes from the pen of Mattson Tomlin, who worked as an assistant on The Batman. The writer announced via Twitter today that the script has been completed:

At San Diego Comic-Con earlier this year, Tomlin joined Reeves on a panel for BRZRKR. Reeves then indicated that he feels the pressure to come up with a faithful film adaptation of the ambitious comic. According to Reeves:

“We’re working on the movie with Netflix, and they’re very cool. They’re letting us make an R-rated movie. I hope we can be true to the comic, but also explore new things.”

It is still unclear when the recordings of BRZRKR have to start.