Keanu Reeves regains his smile with his girlfriend, Alexandra Grant

The actor and Alexandra Grant boasted of love on the red carpet

The actor and his partner, Alexandra Grant, in his last public act.


June 24, 2022

She looks like Helen Mirren but, no, she is Alexandra Grant, the painter who has conquered one of the most desired actors, Keanu Reeves. With that mature and elegant demeanor, he looks older than his boy, 57 years old, but he is nine years younger than Keanu, who is the Jordi Hurtado of the USA.

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The artist and the protagonist of ‘Matrix’ had known each other for many years, but it was not until two years ago that the love between them arose. And, despite the fact that the interpreter is very suspicious of his private life, when the occasion requires it, he allows himself to be seen by some public act accompanied by the woman who has given him joy.

It is enough to see how they look at each other to verify that theirs is pure love:

A loving past with a lot of drama

The one he is living together with Alexandra deserves a happy moment, because it has taken Keanu many years to digest the tragedy he experienced with Jennifer Syme, with whom he was expecting his daughter Ava. However, a month before the birth of the little girl, she died in her mother’s womb.

Reeves and his partner tried to get over this loss, but ended up leaving their relationship. Shortly after, Syme died in a car accident, and her former partner buried her with their daughter.