Keep an eye on ACE-SUPER to win a cake, a waste power plant of 283 megabytes after the NEPC taps to buy 34 projects.

Mr. Thanachai Bunditworaphum Chief Executive Officer Absolute Clean Energy Public Company Limited or ACE gave an interview through the program “News Stock” broadcast on MCOT HD Channel 30 that from the National Energy Policy Council (NEPC) approved the purchase of electricity from 34 community-waste power plants, the total amount of electricity purchased is 282.98 megawatts (MW) for the company, details are not yet known. But it is expected to cover projects that have already contracted to eliminate waste and wait in line. The company has 2 power plants that have already received waste disposal contracts, which are pending a power purchase agreement with the power purchaser.

by the two projects that are in queue It is a project that the Company won the tender in May 2021 for the waste disposal of the Sub-district Administrative Organization (TAO) Chiang Wang, Udon Thani Province and Chokchai Subdistrict Administrative Organization, Nakhon Ratchasima Province. The installed capacity of each project 9.9 megawatts is the capacity offered for sale under the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) of 8 megawatts per project. Once a power purchase agreement is made, the project can begin to be developed. from the waste power plant target The government originally looked at about 400 megawatts, which has been announced in part. There are still some left to wait. As for the waste power plant, the Company will have revenue from 2 parts, namely waste disposal fee and electricity distribution fee.

For the results of the first quarter of 2022, the company had a net profit of 322.4 million baht, a decrease of 10% from the 1st quarter of the year at 360.3 million baht, because in the first quarter of 2021 there was a profit from exchange rates of about 55 million baht. Normal activities in Q1/22 were at 326.6 million baht, an increase of 6.9% from Q1/21 at 305.6 million baht.

Meanwhile, in Q1/22, the Company had revenue from sales and services of 1,621 million baht, an increase of 23.4% from Q1/21 at 1,314.1 million baht, which came from the revenue recognition of VSPP biomass power plant project in Khlong Khlung, province. Kamphaeng Phet, size 9.9 megawatts, full quarter for the first quarter After starting commercial power generation (COD) in November 2021, there is also an increase in electricity revenue of the SPP natural gas power plant due to the electricity rate sold to the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand. Thailand (EGAT) has increased prices in line with rising natural gas prices. As a result, the performance of the Company’s natural gas power plant was not affected. Or there is a risk from the increase in natural gas prices, which is the main cost.

However, if the remaining 3 quarters have revenue similar to the previous quarter, the full year 2022 should have revenue of approximately 6,400-6500 million baht, with the development of power plant efficiency and investment as planned. Still in the process of accelerating the study of new ways to generate income, including acquisitions (M&A) power plants both domestically and internationally that are still ongoing. Most of which are still in the process of considering proposals. By having to choose a deal that is beneficial Must look at both risk and reward So it’s hard to determine when it will end. If there is any progress will inform further.

sideMr. Jomsup Lochaya Chief Executive Officer Super Energy Corporation Public Company Limited or SUPER gave an interview through the program “News Stock” broadcast on MCOT HD Channel 30 that from the NEPC’s resolution agreeing to buy electricity from 34 community-waste power plants with a total purchase amount of 282.98 megawatts, the company also has a waste-to-energy power plant project. at Nakhon Si Thammarat Province with a size of 20 megawatts and in Nonthaburi Province, with a size of 20 megawatts, a total of 40 megawatts, with public hearings on both projects have been completed and a waste disposal contract has been signed with the Provincial Administrative Organization (PAO). 20 years after this, wait for the power purchase agreement with the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) to begin construction. It will take approximately 18-20 months to complete the construction.