Keep. Child God who cries blood; family assures miracle

Torreón, Coahuila /

On Keep, inside of Colonia Ex Hacienda La Perla, the family Franco Martinez ensures that they have presented a miracle, because the figure they have in their house of ‘God child‘began to cry tears of blood.

Mrs Martha In his home he has a table with different religious figures, among which there is a child of God with a white and orange knitted dress.

He assures in an interview that while he was cleaning his home in the company of his granddaughter, he noticed that the figure of the Child God had tears of blood that came from his eyes and went down to his mouth.

“I went out and spoke to my husband to tell him that my God Child had tears of blood and he came running and running… I spoke to a neighbor, a niece from Rancho Alegre came.”

He said he was very happy about what happened, because he even cried with emotion. In addition, he commented that people from his neighborhood and nearby places came to his house to see the miracle with their own eyes.

She claims to be a faithful believer in the Catholic Church and always has her altar on. “I am very Catholic, I make his relic to San Juditas, I pray to my Virgin of Guadalupe, to my Child God as his godparents left me two years ago, because I told my daughter so that she could put him to bed.”

Martha said that she has allowed everyone who has wanted to visit the Christ Child into her house..

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For their part, church authorities came to see the figure of the Child God, to confirm or discard a true miracle, however, they commented that research and studies still need to be done.