Kees van der Spek stunned: ‘armed robber’ walks around in background Perfect picture | show

with pictureCrime reporter Kees van der Spek says he spotted a notorious robber in the RTL 4 program on Wednesday evening The perfect picture. Right behind presenter Tijl Beckand and participant Rick Brandsteder was a man whom the journalist had previously exposed in his show Scammers dealt with. Then the man would have offered him sex with a child.

As idyllic as the park in Cape Town seemed in the photography show, the atmosphere was so dark in the same place three years ago. At the time, Kees van der Spek showed on RTL 5 how he was approached by a man who managed the toilets. If Van der Spek returned from the park around closing time, the man would give him access to the toilet building. An 11-year-old boy would be waiting for him there.

Van der Spek did that, with a hidden camera in his pocket. There was no child in the park, but two accomplices of the man. Just before the trio could lock Van der Spek in the building, he made himself known as a TV maker. The men escaped, but a local resident told what would have happened. The men were armed with pepper spray and knives and attacked tourists daily with this trick.


The reporter wanted to prevent them from making more victims and posted with his team at the park. One of the men reappeared there the next day, after which Van der Spek literally grabbed him by the collar. The man turned out to be quite strong and the journalist had difficulty overpowering him, but once he was lying down, the police were able to arrest him.

Kees van der Spek still worked the man to the ground in his own show. © RTL

It didn’t help, as it turned out Wednesday evening. Kees can laugh about it. Bewilderment and hilarity last night when we The perfect picture watched,” he writes on Instagram with a screenshot. ‘Tijl Beckand and Rick Brandsteder go through the eye of the needle here in Cape Town! In 2020 I floored this armed robber at a toilet group thirty meters to the right of this recording.

The photo shows a man who bears a striking resemblance to the con man he had arrested earlier. It is unclear whether the man was ever prosecuted or convicted. In any case, the participants and crew were not in danger, says a spokesman for RTL.

‘The safety of a location is discussed prior to any shooting The perfect picture always thoroughly reviewed. If a location is potentially not safe enough, we let the location go immediately. The necessary security for participants and crew was arranged at this location.’

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