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Kelsea Ballerini is still not above her mother's reaction to the 2019 Grammys nomination

Kelsea BalleriniThe most loyal fans would not miss the Grammys for 2019.

When the biggest evening of music began at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, one of the biggest stars in country music could not help but be supported by her mother and father.

While Live from the red carpetKelsea looked back at the memorable Instagram video in which her mother responded to the Best Country Album nominees.

"She's leaving," are you kidding me? "She's here tonight, she's probably crying somewhere and looking at it," Kelsea said Ryan Seacrest exclusively. "She's not on the rug, she's inside."

The singer from "Miss Me More" added, "My mother is here, my dad looks up at home, I made him FaceTimed on the way out, both were so supportive and just to share these moments with them. It's like – does it all worth it, you know? "

While the 25-year-old travels across the country during a tour Kelly ClarksonKelsea makes sure everything is about celebrating today.

After all, nominated her Grammy album Unapologetisch She is so proud of it for many reasons.

"It's my second record and I feel like the first album, I did not have a record deal throughout the time I wrote it, so I did not know that I was writing for an album," she explained. "I just wrote those songs that I loved, and suddenly I got the record deal, and I thought," Oh, let's put those songs together. "It feels like it makes sense."

Kelsea added, "When the second record came, it was like knowing every time I wrote a song that it had the ability to be on a record and was heard, I think it was much more thoughtful this time. "


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