Kemen PAN-RB and BKN Start Honorary Workforce Data, This is the Goal

JAKARTA – Minister for Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (PAN-RB), Abdullah Azwar Anas said that currently his party and BKN (State Civil Service Agency) are conducting data collection and mapping of non-ASN personnel to determine the number and potential of existing honorary workers.

Based on Government Regulation Number 49 of 2018 concerning the management of Government Employees with Work Agreements (PPPK) for a 5-year transition period until November 2023, the status of non-ASN workers who meet the requirements can take part in the PNS or PPPK selection.

“Currently MenPAN-RB and BKN are conducting data collection and mapping of non-ASN personnel with the aim of knowing the number and potential of existing non-ASN personnel,” Anas told as quoted GoRiau.comSaturday (17/9/2022).

He explained that when all the data is complete, further adjustment steps will be taken. “Therefore, when the data is complete with the existing potential, further structuring steps will be carried out,” he explained.

Cancel Honorary Removal in 2023

Previously, the Government through the Ministry of Administrative Reform Bureaucratic Reform (PAN-RB) finally canceled the abolition of honorary staff in 2023. The decision was taken due to objections from a number of local governments (Pemda).

Azwar said that the government actually already has a solution to facilitate local governments who object to the regulation.

He explained that local governments are still allowed to appoint temporary employees with a record that they are only for the term of the regional head.

“This is a solution, I think so. If there is no solution, all regents will be angry,” said Azwar, written (15/9). ***