Kempir-Abad case: the relatives of the prisoners took part in the action

On March 17, supporters of those detained in the Kempir-Abad case protested at the flower garden named after Maxim Gorky in Bishkek.

The participants of the action “For Freedom and Justice” demand the authorities to release the prisoners, independent work of the courts, stop pressure on freedom of speech and remove the ban on peaceful gatherings.

Last year, on October 23-28, a group of opposition politicians, human rights defenders, activists and bloggers, about 30 people in total, were arrested en masse in Kyrgyzstan. It was said that the reason for initiating the criminal case was their meeting held on October 22 in one of the cafes in Bishkek regarding the Kempir-Abad water reservoir.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MII) stated that there is enough evidence to charge the suspects. The prisoners call all this political persecution. Before their arrest, they opposed the transfer of the land of the Kempir-Abad reservoir to Uzbekistan and created the “Committee for the Protection of Kempir-Abad”. (BTo)