Kendall Jenner struggles with a pickle — and the web is laughing

Actually, Kendall Jenner only wanted to cut a cucumber in the TV show “The Kardashians”, but that completely backfires.

Kendall Jenner doesn’t seem to have much experience in the kitchen. – Andrea Raffin


the essentials in brief

  • Kendall Jenner is currently being mocked on the internet.
  • The 26-year-old model acted clumsily while slicing a cucumber.

Model Kendall Jenner (26) is currently having to endure a lot of mockery on the internet. The stumbling block is, of all things, a cucumber. In the latest installment of The Kardashians, Jenner only wanted to make a quick snack at her mom’s house.

At the beginning, the reality star explains how “easy” it is to cut a cucumber. But then the drama takes its course: Jenner clumsily holds the green vegetables and tries to cut off a few slices – her mother sits next to her, stunned.

Shortly thereafter, she admits that she is “not good at cutting” and that she is a bit afraid of the knife. Her mother Kris (66) calls for the in-house chef and asks him to take over. “I’ll do it Mum, everything’s fine,” replies the 26-year-old.

The net is laughing at Kendall Jenner

The first mocking comments are not long in coming on the internet. “Kendall Jenner not knowing how to cut a cucumber was the highlight of my week,” writes a Twitter user. Another post reads, “The way Kendall Jenner cut that cucumber is going to haunt me.” Another explained: “I never thought that Kendall Jenner slicing a cucumber could give me nightmares, but here they are.”

Others can’t resist angry comments: “You have the money, but no brains! So sad!”

Jenner himself has now responded to such a tweet. One user wrote: “Kendall Jenner trying to cut a cucumber is the most tragic thing I’ve ever seen.” The model shared the comment on his Twitter account and wrote “tragic!” to.

kendall jenner
Kendall Jenner describes himself as “tragic” on Twitter. – Screenshot Twitter

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