Kendall Jenner wears black Nike sneakers on trend in Los Angeles

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If there is anyone who can make style manifestos 24/7, it is Kendall Jenner: her passage through the catwalks, although it has been paused indefinitely due to the health crisis, it has not stopped her to give fashion lessons when she goes out, specifically, to exercise.

Kim Kardashian’s young model and sisterLike many other celebrities, she has taken care of herself and tried to stay at home; she only goes out sporadically to visit her family members or working out with her friend Hailey Bieber, with whom she has been seen training in a Los Angeles gym showing unmissable looks, and yes, it has been in one of these sports outings in which we have observed Kendall Jenner has taken the new tennis in trend.

The trending tennis shoes that Kendall Jenner has worn (and that put white sneakers into oblivion)

Kendall Jenner He left the gym with Hailey Bieber wearing an Adidas top in an energetic yellow tone (very similar to the markers we use), a garment with a bullfighter cut that covered his back, the infallible black leggings, face masks and some black sneakers by Nike. This model came out in 2018, its name? Off-White x Nike Zoom Fly MercurialOf course, it is a collaboration between both brands.

These are made with material Flyknit, which has been developed by the sports brand, in order to allow freedom of movement of the feet while exercising, in addition to having an easy-breathable fabric at the same time. Without a doubt, it is an accurate combination of Couture and the practicality you need to exercise.

Although these tennis were released in 2018, that has not made them lose their validity, rather they show us that the trend of white sneakers begins to fall into oblivion to be replaced by the tone opposite to its purity. And let’s face it, we love to wear white tennis shoes, but they are difficult to maintain in that color and you have to take much more care of them to ensure that they always look good: perhaps that is why black tennis they begin to occupy a special place in the it-girls’ wardrobe.

Although these tennis shoes have been Kendall Jenner for exercise, that does not mean that it is the only scenario in which you can use them, you can also wear with jeans, skirts, or even some I dress with a sporty allure. The truth is that like white sneakers: these tennis go with everything. Just look at Kendall Jenner to reiterate.

Honey Kendall Jenner: Thank you for confirming that the tennis in trend, come in color negro.

Kendall Jenner’s style


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