Kendall Jenner wears flip flops: what the classic sandals go with

Flip flops are becoming the trend shoe of the summer. The comfortable slippers, which are particularly popular on the beach, are now also wandering around the world on the feet of street style stars and models.

Kendall Jenner shows us how: flip flops convey glamour

In summer, the feet are usually allowed to breathe fresh air. It’s sandals and slippers season. In the summer of 2022, one model in particular seems to be convincing: the good old flip flop.

  • Model and Kardashian scion Kendall Jenner demonstrates it on Instagram. There she doesn’t wear flip flops with a bikini on the beach, but as a black platform version with a noble maxi dress in a batik look.
  • In the meantime, the thong shoes can not only be found on the beach, but also on the streets of the big fashion capitals and on the catwalks of this world.
  • Brands like Versace, Coperni or Miu Miu have luxury versions of flip-flops in their summer collections. This not only creates a relaxed holiday feeling, but also a hip retro feeling.

Flip flops: no boring rubber slippers this summer

Flip-flops have been standard summer footwear for many years. But this season everything will be different, more luxurious, more extravagant, more diverse.

  • Dull rubber slippers were yesterday, flip flops that have that certain something have been up to date since the 2022 season.
  • Models with platform soles and narrow mini heels (so-called kitten heels) are popular. There are also numerous pre-embellishments on the shoes – from pearls and clasps to feather jewelry and glitter. Thus, the flip-flop is not only suitable for the beach, but also for streets and parties.
  • The trendy footwear is combined casually with jeans and a shirt, chic with a skirt or dress and classic with a beach outfit. It is important that you pay attention to the quality of the shoe – and to that certain extravagance that gives even the simplest outfit more pizzazz.
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