Kendrick Lamar receives Pulitzer Prize in Music, a first for hip-hop

Kendrick Lamar receives Pulitzer Prize in Music, a first for hip-hop

it is the first artist, except classical music and jazz, to win this prize. This is a first for a hip-hop artist and more widely for modern popular music. American rapper Kendrick Lamar was awarded Monday, April 16th by the prestigious Pulitzer Prize in the music category for his album DAMN . Congratulations to @kendricklamar , @dangerookipawaa and @Interscope ! #Pulitzer – The Pulitzer Prizes (@PulitzerPrizes) April 16, 2018 This is a new recognition for the one who, at 30, has already gleaned twelve Grammy Awards, the awards of the American music industry, including five for DAMN. at the last ceremony. If the Pulitzer Prize was created in 1917, the music category appeared in 1943. It was systematically attributed to classical music until the coronation of musician and jazz composer Wynton Marsalis, in 1997. From the year Next, the Pulitzer Prize Board of Directors decided to relax the criteria in order to promote the diversity of eligible works. It again broadened the spectrum in 2004, which allowed saxophonist Ornette Coleman to win in 2007. Despite these reforms, no popular modern music artist had been rewarded until this year. The Pulitzer Council appointed him on the basis of his latest album, “a collection of virtuoso pieces, unified by the authenticity of its language and a rhythmic dynamic that offer striking photos capturing the complexity of modern African-American life.” DAMN. reached the top spot in the US record sales rankings in early May 2017. Her previous two albums were also number one. Kendrick Lamar, a follower of a very fluid phrasing, is considered a political rapper, who regularly discusses social issues in his titles. He is from the deprived neighborhood of Compton in Los Angeles. His title Alright , from his previous album, To pimp a butterfly , became the unofficial hymn of the protest movement Black lives matter that denounces the police brutality against blacks. DAMN. is still an opportunity to talk about the condition of blacks in the United States, especially in the piece XXX , with U2 guest, but the album is mostly very personal. Kendrick Lamar discusses in particular the consequences of his new celebrity on his existence. Read also Related topics To read on

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