Kenji Fujimori declares before prosecutor in case against his sister Keiko

Kenji Fujimori declares before prosecutor in case against his sister Keiko

Lima –
The Peruvian prosecutor’s office questioned legislator Kenji Fujimori on Monday in an investigation of the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht to the electoral campaign of its sister Keiko , which is politically opposed.
“It’s a reserved stagecoach,” Kenji said briefly to reporters as he withdrew from the prosecution after testifying for four hours.
The youngest of the sons of former president Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000) is a witness in the investigation against his sister After the former Odebrecht head in Peru, Jorge Barata, declared in February to Peruvian prosecutors in Sao Paulo, that company contributed $ 1.2 million to the Keiko campaign in the 2011 election.
The presence of the popular legislator in the prosecution aroused great expectation because it occurs in the midst of a fratricidal struggle with Keiko for the control of Fujimorismo, the largest political force in Peru.
Kenji testified before the prosecutor of money laundering, Jose Domingo Perez, after letting glimpse two weeks ago that he would testify against his sister, investigated for alleged money laundering.
The two brothers, Keiko, 42, and Kenji, 37, finally separated a few weeks ago and their respective followers promote them both as candidates for the presidential elections of 2021.
Kenji resigned on March 1 to Fuerza Popular, the party led by Keiko and which he helped found, following the revelations about the alleged funding of Odebrecht to the campaign of his sister, who denies it.
In parallel to this case, the Peruvian Congress, controlled by Keiko’s party, will debate this month the possible impeachment and trial of Kenji for a case of alleged negotiation of votes to avoid the dismissal of then-President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski.
The prosecution is investigating Kenji and two other dissident parliamentarians of Fujimorism in this case, in which there could be a crime of bribes.
The war between the Fujimori brothers already dropped Kuczynski, who resigned on March 21 after 20 months in power , harassed by allegations of corruption.
Keiko was seeking the dismissal of Kuczynski, while Kenji became his defender in exchange for the pardon that the then president granted to the patriarch of the clan, Alberto Fujimori. (I)

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