Kenji Fujimori says he does not know if there is a link between Odebrecht and Fuerza 2011

Kenji Fujimori says he does not know if there is a link between Odebrecht and Fuerza 2011

Graciela Villasís / Giovanna Castañeda “I do not know”, “I do not remember”, “I can not specify” or “I do not have this information” were the answers that he repeated the most Kenji Fujimori in his statement yesterday before the prosecutor José Domingo Pérez, who is investigating Popular Force (formerly Fuerza 2011) and Keiko Fujimori for the crime of money laundering.
Trade agreed to the transcript of the 78 questions and answers of the congressman in the interrogation, which lasted more than four hours.
In one of his answers, the youngest of Fujimori Higuchi – who faces a constitutional complaint – refers to his sister Keiko and said he does not know about an alleged link with Odebrecht.
Public Ministry sources indicated to this newspaper that Kenji Fujimori’s statements seek to obstruct the prosecutor’s investigation into the contributions to the Fuerza Popular campaigns. Next, some questions and answers of the interrogation.
1. Keiko Fujimori and Odebrecht On March 25, Kenji Fujimori announced in a video that he was going to become a witness “in the cases that are necessary”, although without specifying to what inquiries he referred. The next day it was known that he would testify before Prosecutor Pérez.
The question 13 that Pérez did to Fujimori was about the supposed link of the former presidential candidate with the construction company.
Prosecutor Perez: If you are aware if Keiko Sofía Fujimori Higuchi has had a direct or indirect relationship with the Odebrecht group of companies and / or related companies.
Kenji Fujimori: I do not know. Following these allegations, I have held a conversation with my sister. She swore to me that she has never had a conversation with the Odebrecht company and it is because of that conversation that I put my hands on the fire for my sister and support in media and networks.
2. The financing of Fuerza Popular and the cocktails Most of Kenji’s answers about the financing of Fuerza 2011, the supposed relationship with Odebrecht and the cocktails to raise funds were “I do not remember” or “I do not know”.
Fiscal Pérez: If you have direct or indirect knowledge of what financing activities were carried out to raise funds for the 2011 electoral campaign
Kenji Fujimori: Cocktails, in which I participated. And more details I do not know.
The congressman remarked that he was only secretary of Youths and that he was part of the campaign in the south of the country. He pointed out that he attended two cocktails, but that he did not participate in his organization. He also did not remember how much he paid for each card. On the handling of these funds, always answered that, according to the statute of the party, are treasury and the Ministry of Economy.
3. The contributions of Odebrecht to three congressmen Perez also asked about the alleged contributions to the campaigns of members of Fujimori. A few days ago, the transcript of one of the conversations that Moisés Mamani recorded was broadcast. According to the transcript, Fujimori affirmed that Úrsula Letona, Lourdes Alcorta and Luis Galarreta “were financed” by Odebrecht.
Attorney Pérez: If you have information regarding the possible financing or delivery of contributions from the Odebrecht business group to the Fuerza 2011 political party or its members.
Kenji Fujimori: These are not my affirmations, they are statements that I picked up from some media. I say it as a question. The source is the magazine “Caretas” and “Good morning, Peru”, interview with Renzo Reggiardo and the portal La Mula.
-Inaccuracies- The references made by the legislator: the interview with Renzo Reggiardo.
Last December, Renzo Reggiardo said in the program “Everything is known” that when he presided over the investigative commission on the South Interoceanic highway, in 2008, several Fujimorist congressmen did not want to investigate Odebrecht. He did not refer to the alleged contributions of the construction company to members of Fuerza Popular, as Kenji Fujimori pointed out. The story about the husband of Letona. Last February, the magazine “Caretas” published a story about the husband of the congresswoman Úrsula Letona, the lawyer José Carlos Guzmán Zegarra, who was external legal advisor of the southern gas pipeline project between January and July 2014. Guzmán went to the Commission Lava Jato for this relationship. In the note, they do not report on alleged Odebrecht contributions to the Letona campaign.
-Everything and everything-
What he said after the Mamani videos: “I will be a witness in cases that are necessary and I will prove who the corrupt are. I regret and reject the criminal operation to incriminate me. ” (Video released on March 25). What responded to the prosecution: Are you aware of the procedure as the cash contributions were collected in cash for the political party Force 2011? If so, detail. KF: I do not know. It is the responsibility of the Treasury and the Economy [of FP]. Do you know if between 2010-2011 money was received directly in the treasury of the political party Force 2011? KF: I do not know. What he said in the Mamani videos: “Letona, Alcorta and Galarreta … [not heard well] … were financed by Odebrecht. Do not they say there were congressmen who received money from Odebrecht? ” (Transcript of the video that was published on April 8). What answered the prosecution: Are you aware if any person who is a member and / or linked to Fuerza 2011 has had a direct or indirect relationship with the Odebrecht group of companies and / or related companies? KF: I do not know. Are you aware if the Odebrecht company has given money to congress members of Fuerza 2011? KF: My comment in that video [of Mamani] was for information from some media. I close as a question.

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