Kennedyhaus: A farewell and a check from the Harburg Lions

Harburg – Headed since 1989 Ann-Katrin Jobst the Kennedyhaus in the phoenix district. It’s over now. She was adopted into retirement on Wednesday.

To say goodbye, the Harburg Lions also came by. They had a big check for 3,000 euros with them. This was of course not intended for the pensioner, but to support the facility or needy families from the neighborhood.

The Lions did that Bernd Meyer clearly, who presented the check on behalf of them, greatly appreciated the work and advice from Jobst. Mainly because in her tough way she not only distributed, but also consistently demanded. The money raised, the Lions and other donors were always sure, arrived at the right place and was not a support, but a promotion.

The 3000 euros donated this time are part of the income from the Lionstage in Phoenix-Center, the ones from the clubs Harburg old town, Hamburg-Harburg harbor and Harburger Berge are organized and carried out and thus generate income every year, which flows into social projects in the south of Hamburg. zv


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