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The original novel was first published in 1937. Agatha Christie brought back the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot. On the pages of the book, he travels to Egypt to spend an undisturbed holiday on the luxury ship Karnak. However, one of the prominent people who sails with him on the Nile is shot. There are several candidates for the perpetrator. To reveal it, Poirot must uncover the complicated relationships between the individual passengers.

Although the plot takes place largely only on board the ship, the trailer testifies to the generous funds entrusted to the filmmakers for the filming. The film will obviously enliven opulent parties and get the audience even in the immediate vicinity of the ancient pyramids and pharaoh statues. The audience is also attracted to cinemas by Poirot’s serious monologue, at the end of which he mentions that no crime has marked his soul like this.

Murder ensemble

Like other stories by Hercule Poirot, i Death on the Nile was in the past adapted into the film form of multiple baptisms. The version with Peter Ustinov in the lead role was a great success in 1978. David Suchet, who regularly appeared on television as Poirot, tackled the Egyptian crime in a 2004 film.

Like the film from the late 1970s, the new adaptation is filled with many familiar faces. The ensemble features, for example, Gal Gadot, known as a superhero Wonder Woman (2017). Her husband was played by Armie Hammer – an American actor who was honored for his roles in films Social network (2010) or Give me your name (2017). Supporting characters include, for example, four Oscar-nominated Annette Bening and singer and actor Russell Brand.

Kenneth Branagh’s career dates back to the 1980s, when he became known as the actor and director of William Shakespeare’s plays. For his directorial film debut Henry V (1989) received Oscar nominations in Best Director and Best Actor in a Leading Role. Since then, he has shot more than twenty titles, including a comic book hit Thor (2011). So far, he has starred in seventy film and television works.

Czech premiere Death on the Nile is scheduled for October 22, 2020.


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