Kerala Blasters Fc Bengaluru Fc, this is the comeback, blasters have something to learn from Bengaluru FC as they make their dream run… – kerala blasters fc should learn from bengaluru fcs stunning comeback in isl

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Bengaluru FC

The first half of the 2022-23 ISL season has been a memorable one for Bengaluru FC. Even die-hard fans were almost certain that the team, which had just 10 points from their first 12 games, would not even qualify for the playoffs. But from there the ISL saw a strong comeback of the team. Rising like a phoenix from the setbacks, Simon Grayson’s team thrashed all who came in front. Yesterday, ATK overcame Mohun Bagan for their fifth straight win to move up to sixth in the points table and keep their playoff hopes alive.

This dream leap of Bengaluru came from a situation where even their own fans had given up hope. Their scintillating form, winning all five games they have played this year, has struck fear into every team competing for play-off qualification. If this form continues, we are sure to see Simon Grayson’s Blue Army in the ISL Playoffs this time.

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At the same time, Bengaluru FC is making a dream comeback while Kerala Blasters, who were in good form, fell into a miserable form. Blasters went 8 matches unbeaten at one point and lost 3 of their last 4 matches. Once they were aiming for second place, it has now become almost unattainable for them. While Bengaluru FC’s strength lies in coach Simon Grayson’s ability to steer the team into the right winning formula by correcting mistakes and errors, repeating tried and failed tactics over and over again has led to Blasters’ defeats.

It is true that the Blasters have been affected by injuries and fitness issues of some players in the team, but that is not the only problem for the team. It is a problem for the team that coach Evan is sometimes unable to serve the available dishes properly. It is about giving chances to some out-of-form players again and again. The Blasters will have to emulate Bengaluru in many ways, who have been in form in the latter stages of the tournament, especially as their performances have been deteriorating with each passing game. Discontinuing tried and failed strategies is one of the most important of them.

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If the battered Bengaluru FC can make such a comeback, the yellow team who have lost form in the last few matches can also make a comeback. For this, it is enough to look at the way the English coach named Simon Grayson took the Bengaluru team in the last matches.

In the ISL, the matches of Blasters are against Chennaiyin FC, Bengaluru FC, ATK Mohun Bagan and Hyderabad FC. That means three of their next four matches are against teams at the top of the points table. If they don’t fix the mistakes and mistakes and rebuild the team like Bengaluru did, the Hornets are sure to sweat a little in the final stages of the season.

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