kerala blasters fc bijoy varghese, how did bijoy varghese start as a striker and become a stopper? The journey of Kerala blaster fcs bijoy varghese part 2

In the game of football, the scorer is always the star in the numbers. The number of goals is what divides any beautiful game in two. Kerala Blasters FC’s stopper Bijoy Varghese, a native of Pulluvila, Thiruvananthapuram, also had an interest in scoring goals as a child. Bijoy never dreamed that the football journey that started from Pulluvila Beach would reach Kerala Blasters FC. Bijoy Varghese revealed this in his football life story shared by Kerala Blasters FC. Similarly, Bejoy Varghese’s change from striker to stopper is also unexpected. Another chapter in the life story of Bijoy Varghese…

So he became a stopper

Growing up playing football with his older brothers, Bejoy Varghese was short in his early teens. That’s why Bijoy wanted to become a striker. He has also received club level awards for the best striker.

It was a time of scarcity. That’s why he wanted to play as a striker. However, after the diocesan tournament, the coach advised him to switch to defense. Because it was a little taller. With that, he decided to become a stopper. Even if I didn’t score a goal, my position was not to score a goal – said Bejoy Varghese with a smile.

The decision has been confirmed in Kovalam FC

Kovalam FC is a club led by former Kerala Santosh Trophy player Ebin Ross. Bejoy Varghese decided to become a stopper after joining Kovalam FC.

After joining Ebin Rose’s club, he also said that stopper is the best fit for me. With that, the stopper was firmly in position. So by playing in the Under-18 I-League tournament, the stopper position has become more solid – said Bejoy Varghese.

Bejoy Varghese joined Kovalam FC at the age of 15. He was a member of Kovalam FC’s youth team. Selected for the Kerala team for the International School Championship in 2018. Beoj Varghese was awarded the best defender of the tournament.

Started with borrowed boots

Bijo also has a story of borrowing boots and going to trials for a tournament in the archdiocese. Bijoy began to be noticed through the diocesan tournament led by LIFA that was held that day. Then got selected in trials for revenue and state teams and finally in trials at SAI Thiruvananthapuram. Bejoy Varghese said once he arrived at Sai, he stayed there.

After winning the best defender award in the International Schools Championship, he received an invitation to the Indian team for the Asian Schools Championship. Then Sai got selection to Thiruvananthapuram. So Beoy Varghese moved from Kovalam FC to Sai Thiruvananthapuram in 2018.

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Training on the church grounds during lockdown

Bejoy Varghese has been offered to East Bengal, an I-League club. However, this was the time when the Kovid Lockdown started in Kerala. There was also a need to play for fitness. So he went to the church and met his father and told him about it. Achan and others took the risk and opened the field. A number of guys who were Chetan’s friends came to the field just to train me – recalled Bejoy Varghese.

There were a number of great players on the coast but none managed to escape. We lined up on the ground for Bijo with the thought that at least one of our group would escape. He reached the church and informed his father. The entire ground was then sanitized. So we went on the field in lockdown for Bijoy,” said Johnson, who is Bijoy’s friend and neighbor and played together at the local club.

The best coach I have ever seen in my life

Even when he got the invitation to play for East Bengal, he kept his desire to play for Kerala Blasters FC in his mind. I was very happy when I got the call from Blasters. Ivan Vukomanovic of Kerala Blasters is the best coach ever seen in life. Not only will there be no fighting, but everything will be told and taught correctly – said Bijoy.

Yes, Bejoy Varghese is moving forward without forgetting the past. His countrymen and family have a firm belief that Bijoy will make it to the jersey of the Indian national team. The fans of Kerala Blasters FC are waiting for it…

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Father and sons are football players

Bijoy grew up as the younger brother of three brothers. Their father was a local level football player. Chetans could not fly high due to many problems. All in all things were favorable for Bijo. Bijoy’s father wanted his children to achieve what he could not achieve. That wish came true through Bijoy Varghese.

Bijoy has signed a contract with Kerala Blasters till 2025