Kev Adams and Jamel Debbouze ready to come to blows in the movie "Alad'2" – Emmanuel Guimier
            After Booba and Kaaris at the airport, and Cardi B and Nicki Minaj at Fashion Week, two other stars have come to blows, like, still at an airport. Two heavyweights of humor and cinema found themselves in the same airport, at the same time, and after a few twists and turns, it was the clash. Indeed,
Kev Adams and Jamel Debouzze and their teams threw themselves on the floor, before laughing and hugging each other. No scent so scarcely can you see a confectionery flying in the air.

The Booba vs Kaaris remake at the airport by @DebbouzeJamel and @kevadamsss 😂😂? (Thanks Sarah for the video!)– Solomon Arthur (@SalomonArthur) September 14, 2018

You will understand, Kev and Jamel took advantage of the previews tour for the movie Alad'2, in theaters October 3, to film a small parody, which quickly made the rounds of social networks. For the real fight, between Booba and Kaaris,
 the verdict is expected on October 9th. They face a ten-year prison sentence, but the prosecutor requested a suspended sentence of twelve months.

The truth about this battle with @kevadamsss # FilméEn4K # RdvLe3– Jamel Debbouze (@DebbouzeJamel) September 15, 2018


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