Kevin Björkström shows Filip Wramdemark the door

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Pixbo hadn’t zeroed his opponent in SSL floorball in over ten years.

But when the Mölnlycke team came to SBB Arena for quarterfinal one against Kalmarsund, national team goalkeeper Jon Hedlund nailed it again.

– It feels good when we set the defensive game. That’s the key for us to be successful in the playoffs – and it’s better for us to win 4-0 than 10-8 which we usually win with. Then we must not forget that we have the world’s best goalkeeper. That makes it easier, of course, says Filip Wramdemark.

Björkström opened the door for Wramdemark

Although it is always impressive to keep a clean sheet in floorball, it must be said that Kalmarsund were pale going forward and did not create very many chances.

– They were significantly better than us at playing playoff floorball. They play a great away game and we play a bad home game, then it’s hard to win, says Kalmarsund coach Viktor Gustavsson in Expressen’s broadcast.

With two seconds left to play, there was some playoff feeling in an otherwise rather sleepy game.

First, Kevin Haglund and Anton Fylke ended up in each other’s hoods.

Then Kevin Björkström and Filip Wramdemark were seen in a heated discussion – which ended with Björkström opening the emergency exit for the visitors’ centre.

– He probably wanted to go home. I would also like that there, says Filip Wramdemark.

– I don’t know what he wanted to get out of it, but it was funny that it heated up. We can continue talking on Saturday. It’ll be fun.

So there will be a part two?

– Yes, we can solve that. If he wants to talk more, I’m always willing.

Your turn to show him the door in Wallenstam Arena then?

– Yes, but he won’t get any points.

Pixbo in the driver’s seat after the resounding victory

Statistically speaking, Pixbo – who finished fifth in the regular season – now has a good chance of reaching the semi-finals.

The indoor bandy magazine presented numbers before the playoffs that say that only five times out of 32 since the seven-game series was introduced has the team that lost the first quarter-final advanced.

– If that’s the case, that’s good, but it’s still the best of seven games. The job must be done, says Filip Wramdemark.

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