Kevin De Bruyne celebrates one of his four goals against Wolverhampton… by emulating future team-mate Erling Haaland

The fight for the title in England continues. After Liverpool’s victory at Aston Villa (2-1) on Tuesday May 10, Manchester City responded by winning (5-1) thanks to a quadruple from Kevin De Bruyne. In the Premier League standings, Citizens keep their three-point lead over the Reds.

For his part, the Belgian midfielder has scored 15 league goals. In addition to distinguishing himself, the 30-year-old caught the eye of observers with a celebration, which strangely resembles the one Erling Haaland used to do. Some saw it as a way of welcoming the Norwegian, with whom he will play next year. “I did a few interviews and they (the journalists) asked me: ‘Is this for Haaland?’ I just did it because I scored three (at the time of the celebration and that never happens”he explained after the meeting.