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On June 21, U.S. time, on the ESPN community, they used a screenshot review to post an article they had posted at this moment last year. The content was written nine years ago (it seems to be ten years ago at this moment), Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden played their last game as the Thunder’s three young masters, and left the netizens with room to imagine.

Pull back the time to June 21, 2012, which was the fifth game of the championship that year. In the face of being called, the Thunder played hard at the home of the Heat, fell behind in the first quarter, and was slowly pulled to the second quarter. Safe distance, the third quarter was completely defeated by the Heat’s 19:1 offensive. The fourth quarter was almost just garbage time. After Royal Ivey came off the bench to replace Harden in the last 3 minutes and 01 seconds, the Thunder Three Shao was even on the bench. spend their final moments together.

In a blink of an eye, ten years have passed. Judging from ESPN’s review of the post, some of the views on behalf of some people really have a lot of expectations for the thunderbolt III, who seemed to have an infinitely bright future, and may have a little regret after many years. The three of them were all under 24 at the time, and no one thought that this would be the last time they would join forces. In the context of ESPN’s post last year, it was KD who had just finished an epic series and went through seven games in the second round of the Eastern Conference. After the war, they lost to the Bucks. In the seventh game, KD burned the full 53 minutes of the regular season and playoffs. Unfortunately, the outside shot in the last second of regular time and stepped on the three-point line only counted as two points, so he only helped the Nets to tie the game. Winning with a score rather than a single blow, he finally exhausted his strength and lost in the playoff. Being alone and helpless, he can’t help but recall the “Thunder Three Young Masters” who had partnered in the past and later each became the league’s annual MVP.

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Time pulls back to the moment when ESPN is reviewing the post. KD is surrounded by troubles. This season has been very difficult for the Nets, from the huge pre-season to Kyrie Irving’s reluctance to vaccinate after the season He couldn’t play at home, and he didn’t look like a power at all. He had to go through the playoffs to determine the progress to the playoffs. He was eventually swept by the later Eastern Champion Celtics in the first round, becoming the only team in all playoffs this season. A team that can’t even win. The troubles don’t stop there. When the NBA just finished the 2022 championship game, the winning Warriors were in a parade to celebrate, but the news of the Nets was that they were in a deadlock with KI. This season, Harden, who was only recruited at the beginning of last year, has been sent away in the middle of the season. , Now even the continuation of KI has become a problem, and the three giants of KD seem to be in a fog again.

Ten years ago, KD was in the “Imagine” of the Big Three, but the Thunder Three Young Masters came to an end before they achieved success, and the current Big Three are more like they never started.

Thunder three young expectations

At the time of last year, it is not surprising that people will be reminded of the Thunder Three Young Masters. In addition to KD’s hard work in the playoffs, the establishment of the Warriors’ power in recent years, and the predicament of many teams in their operations, are proving the “Big Three” It is an important condition for the championship, and “self-selected” can enjoy the greatest advantage of the parent team. The combined army of the two is undoubtedly the most powerful model in the existing trader. In addition, the only three giants chosen by a group of teams in modern times are undoubtedly the Thunder Three Young Masters.

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And in the context of time and space, everyone has to admire the Thunder (SuperSonics) original vision, KD may be regarded as a score, the 2007 draft was originally Oden No. 1 pick and KD No. 2. At that time, the pioneers who already had LaMarcus Aldridge in the inside were unwilling to Defying the sky made a big bet on KD to choose insurance card Greg Oden, but Oden’s injury made him and KD’s choice like a tragedy for the pioneers, but it was absolutely reasonable at the time, and the Supersonic, which originally had two guns on the flank and lacked manpower in the inside, was determined to “only” “Can” after selecting KD, he decided to rebuild with a drastic decision, which can be regarded as a follow-up. Westbrook and Harden are definitely the Thunder (SuperSonics) to show their discerning eyes. In 2008, when Derrick Rose could not be selected, Jerryd Bayless, who was originally more optimistic and arranged for the Thunder (SuperSonics) in a mock draft, was a better NCAA performer. There were many doubts about Westbrook, who was not the master of UCLA at the time, and in 2009, everyone discussed Ricky Rubio, as if it was worth giving up the existing point guard for this golden boy, but the Thunder just gave it to the people who seemed to be everywhere at the time. The weak vote of confidence in Westbrook, took the third overall pick to invest in Harden.

The Thunder (SuperSonics) did hold the top pick for three consecutive years, but they were able to make choices that seemed to be very correct for three consecutive years. It has to be admirable. After Harden won the MVP of the year in 2018, all three of the Thunder were outstanding. After winning the MVP, the Thunder became the first team in history to win the MVP for three consecutive years. It’s not just luck that can explain the young man who will grow into the best player in the league in the future.

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