Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson shoulder the Warriors to overwhelm Spurs


OAKLAND, Calif. — The Golden State Warriors they used all their defensive resources to hang the San Antonio Spurs in Game 1 of his Playoff round. “That was the closest defense we’ve faced all year,” Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said. After that double-digit loss, Popovich looked for a simple solution before Game 2: “Basically, we should have more attitude in the court to handle that defense much better than we did.” “Pulling the ring better would be nice too,” he added. Popovich got what he asked for, at least in part. His quintet was inspired to react for the 34 points and 12 rebounds of the All-Star center LaMarcus Aldridge . Kevin Durant. Getty Images / Ezra Shaw But what about the efficiency in San Antonio ring shots? Unpleasant. The Spurs connected only four of 28 triple attempts and that sentenced their defeat on Monday by 116-101, with which the series, which goes to San Antonio and resumes on Thursday, was 2-0 in favor of the Warriors. That 14.3 percent on three-pointers is the second-lowest number of Spurs in a Playoff game (at least 20 attempts) since Popovich’s first full season in 1997. And how was the Warriors doing? With the star guard Stephen Curry out of action, the Warriors used their other great scorers, Kevin Durant Y Klay Thompson . Durant scored 32 points when he hit 10 of 19 shots on the rim and Thompson added 31 points when he hit 12 of 20 shots. Durant added three triples and Thompson put five of eight. It’s the second time that Thompson and Durant each score at least 30 points in a game for the Warriors. The other instance was Game 3 of the Finals of 2017. Andre Iguodala also contributed to the encestar four of five shots from afar. After being beaten in Game 1, the Spurs fought admirably supported by Aldridge and managed to overcome the usual attack of the Warriors in the third period, which this time was 17-5 to start that quarter. However, in the last period, the Warriors also continued to rely on their stars and Thompson and Durant produced. Thompson scored 24 points in the second half, his second highest total in that period in his post-season career. The defending champions increased their lead to 19 points, the highest in the game, and held back a Spurs squad that still tries to make do without Kawhi Leonard , who resides indefinitely in New York. Rudy Gay started instead of Kyle Anderson , change in the lineup that Popovich made because he pointed out that the Spurs needed more offense and Gay responded with 12 points. The Warriors coach, Steve Kerr, mentioned the stealing of the ball as one of the critical points in Saturday’s victory, in which his team added 18 of them. If you want to receive the best information of the sports world, download the App now. » “We became very careless with the ball in the transition,” he said. On Monday, the Warriors recorded seven losses in the first quarter and were one of the highest total in a first quarter since Kerr took over the team in 2014. The Warriors calmed down and only lost eight times in the last three periods. The Spurs needed an extraordinary performance from Aldridge after he scored only 14 points in Game 1 and was handcuffed by the Warriors’ center, JaVale McGee , who limited him to two of eight shots to the basket as his main defender. Aldridge took a radical turn to the situation by hitting four of his five shots to the basket when he was at McGee’s mark. He scored 17 points in the first half to give hope to the Spurs, who came to Game 2 with a 10-1 record when Aldridge scores at least 17 points before halftime, according to ESPN Stats & Information. Aldridge kept finding his way to the basket in the second half by registering his seventh Playoff game with at least 30 points and 10 rebounds, but when his teammates fired from a distance, they missed, including unmarked shots.


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