Kevin Durant’s reaction to Kyrie Irving’s trade request

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With the entire NBA very aware of how Kevin Durant’s future will follow after Kyrie Irving’s request to leave the Brooklyn Nets, it was revealed how #7 reacted.

© Sarah Stier/Getty ImagesKevin Durant y Kyrie Irving.

The season of the National Basketball Association (NBA) goes through one of its most chaotic weeks. With the transfer deadline close (February 9), Kyrie Irving shocked the league by calling for a trade to abandon Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets.

With KD injured, Irving had been taking charge of a team that was on the rise. His record of 31 games won and 20 lost, places them fourth in the Eastern Conference. But for Irving, his time with the Nets has already completed a cycle.

Thus, after a summer in which it seemed that the one who abandoned the other was Durant, now things are turning around. And with the number 7 jersey about to lose his faithful companion, the interesting thing will be to see how the career of the great champion scorer continues with Golden State Warriors.

And this is what they think around the NBA. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, of ESPN, ebetween rival teams there is much more interest in finding out about Kevin Durant’s reaction to the Kyrie Irving trade request and how that may affect KD’s future with the Nets.

Kevin Durant’s reaction to Kyrie Irving’s request

And according to what the same journalist reported, his sources revealed how #7 reacted. “I have been told that the trade request surprised everyone in Brooklyn today… including Kevin Durant”. KD was not expecting this and was shocked by the news.