Business key dates until the final vote on the bill

key dates until the final vote on the bill


The bar of 40 days of strike is exceeded and the conflict does not seem close to stop, in spite of a decrease in mobilization, in particular in the SNCF. Although the provisional withdrawal of the pivotal age from the bill has been announced, the unions have not yet signaled the end of their mobilization. And many are planning to return to the streets this week, while others are just starting their mobilization. For example, this Monday, January 13, marked the start of a renewable strike in two centers of the Banque de France, at the call of the CGT.

The next day, January 14, the Bellon report was submitted to the government to fuel discussions between government and social partners on the issue of the employment of older workers. The criteria of arduousness and end of career also enter more precisely into the consultation. Here are the next known dates in the pension reform file until summer.

● January 14, 15, 16: actions and a demonstration planned by the inter-union

The intersyndicale, made up of the CGT, FO, Solidaires, CFE-CGC and FSU, calls again for mobilization. Three days of action in different forms are planned, including a meeting Wednesday before the Ministry of Finance at the call of several public service unions.

Thursday, January 16, a new demonstration is expected on the streets nationwide, for the sixth time since the start of the movement.

● January 24: the bill in the Council of Ministers

The reform bill must be presented to the Council of Ministers.

● February 3: examination of the text in committee

The text will begin to be examined by a special committee in the National Assembly. It will be chaired by majority deputy Brigitte Bourguignon, president of the social affairs committee.

● February 17: 1st vote in the National Assembly

After this special commission, it was in public that the project crossed the benches of the Assembly. There, he will have to be voted to continue his parliamentary shuttle. If this is the case, he will then return to the Senate, after the parliamentary suspension linked to the municipal elections of March 15 and 22.

● End of April: conclusions of the financing conference

Édouard Philippe announced it on January 11 in his letter to the social partners, the conclusions of the conference on balance and the financing of pensions will be delivered by the end of April. If no agreement is reached between unions by then, the government should regain control of the reform, a priori by ordering the measures it deems necessary and "informed by the proceedings of the conferenceTo reach equilibrium in 2027. In other words, it would mean the return of the pivotal age in the text.

● Beginning of summer: final vote

The Parliament will definitively vote on the bill, after incorporating by amendment the budgetary measures necessary to reach balance in 2027.

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