keyboard repair should be a priority at the Apple Store


Apple would have sent a internal memo to all Apple Store teams, indicating that most of the rMacBook and MacBook Pro keyboard layouts will need to be done in Apple stores until further notice, and not be shipped to an authorized repair center.

According to MacRumors, this document " How to help Mac customers with in-store keyboard repairs " would give precise instructions to Genius Bar technicians. This type of repairs " should be given priority " and be executed within 24 hours (from when?). For now, it is not clear if this memo has been sent to all Apple Store or if it is destined to the United States alone.

Keyboard problems are – unfortunately – not new to Apple laptops. The third-generation butterfly keyboard had to heal these recalcitrant keys, which was not the case for all. Some keys randomly block or no longer work – despite the repeated care or cleaning – problems reinforced with the latest MacBook and MacBook Pro.

In June 2018, after numerous complaints in stores and collective actions in the US, Apple had decided to officially recognize a problem with the MacBook 12 "and MacBook Pro 2016/2017 keyboard, and launched an official MacBook (Pro) keyboard support program, which the company had recently apologized for.




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