Khaled Taj al-Din escapes death after his car capsized

12:30 am

Sunday 14 October 2018

Books – Mohamed Magdy:
The poet Khalid Taj Eddin reassured his audience after a traffic accident on the road and the coup of his car through his personal page at the Instagram website.
"Taj al-Din" posted a picture of the car and commented on it, saying: "I am not aware of how I know Talaat from Arabic how it is upside down .. Praise be to Allah, I'm fine and all the people who tried to talk to me and Mervatch or I Mrdch .. I am a hook and stood on my feet thank God."
The poet Khalid Taj Eddin has written songs for many of the stars including Amr Diab, singer Hamaki and singer Amal Maher, singer Sherine Abdel Wahab, singer Asala and Samira Said.



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