“Khao Tom Mud” attracts the hearts of Thai people to win the popular “Thai dessert” champion, pushing it to be Soft Power

“Dusit Poll Park” Suan Dusit University Public opinion survey on the case “Thai desserts with Thai people” From a sample of 1,367 people surveyed between 1-4 November 2021, the results can be summarized as follows.

1. What do Thai people think about “Thai dessert”

  • No. 1 have a long history is unique to Thailand 86.16%
  • 2nd place reflects Thai culture and traditions 73.87%
  • 3rd place, the process of making is meticulous, 67.64% detail
  • 4th place Delicious taste, sweet smell, beautiful color 63.18%
  • 5th place Each dessert is valuable. and different meanings 62.74%

Most of them, 42.34% liked Thai desserts, 45.65% mostly ate it infrequently, and 53.61% found that they paid less than 100 baht per time to buy Thai desserts.

2. “Top 5 Thai desserts” that Thai people like

  • No. 1 Boiled rice 53.59%
  • 2nd place Khanom Krok 49.56%
  • 3rd place Banana 43.33%
  • 4th place Bualoy 41.86%
  • 5th place Moon sticky rice 41.50%

“Thai dessert” who want to learn to do the most

  • No. 1 Thong Yod 22.89%
  • 2nd place Thong Yib 21.76%
  • 3rd place Curry Pot 21.39%
  • 4th place Moon sticky rice 17.92%
  • 5th place Khanom Krok 17.62%

Most of the people, 87.17%, are interested, if any. “Healthy Thai desserts” and ignore 12.83%

3. Government or related agencies should take action on “Thai dessert” how

  • No. 1 Should seriously conserve and carry on Thai desserts 76.14%
  • 2nd place promote as the main economic product pushing Thai desserts to the world level 75.55%
  • 3rd place Continuing creativity with other Thai culture 61.89%
  • 4th place Bring technology to help in making and extending the life of snacks by 56.75%.
  • 5th place Providing knowledge by experts 51.25%

Ms. Pornphan Buathong, a researcher at Suan Dusit Poll, Suan Dusit University, said that Thai desserts are one of the Soft Power As striking as other cultural identity of Thailand, it is liked by both Thais. and foreigners The price of Thai desserts is not very high when compared to the meticulous and elaborate making process. when the government have a push Soft Power of Thailand increased Therefore, Thai desserts should be developed to the world stage under the concept of creative economy. Bring innovation while transferring cultural assets such as traditional Thai desserts. Healthy Thai desserts extending the shelf life of snacks, etc.