KHARTOUM: Twenty-five factories to produce gum arabic


KHARTOUM: Twenty-five factories for the production of gum arabic remain, according to Al-Nayelin. Al-Wasat – The Ministry of Industry has revealed that 25 “gum arabic factories” remain because of the absence of a policy to encourage industrialization, lack of strategic stocks and multiple fees and levies. The Minister of Industry, Mousa Karama, disclosed the problems of the ceramics and porcelain factories, namely, the scarcity of gas, which represents more than 70% of the cost of production, pointing out that the tax distortions between the local production and the importer hinder the process of pharmaceutical manufacturing as well as the medical pricing that is not commensurate with the cost of production locally . The minister said in a statement of the Ministry of Industry in the parliament that “Monday” of the factories of batteries and tires and sulfur as a result of dependence on inputs imported production, as well as the suffering of the manufacture of castings and iron products from increasing electricity tariffs, and demanded the suspension of levies and state fees on input production and ready-made product and link Collection of fees for services rendered, and removal of tax and customs distortions between domestic and imported production. He stressed the need to exempt national production from production fees and to make added value uniform in the tax, and called for reviewing the tariff of electricity for industrial goods and issuing monetary, financial and financing policies to encourage the issuance of industrial products. Khartoum (Kush News) Please, if you like Khartoum news: 25 “gum arabic factories” will stay on the social networking sites. You can also follow all news via Facebook and Twitter. Source : The Nile


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