Khayef die on my own and no one will feel .. Haitham Ahmed Zaki predicted his death alone in his house .. Details


Nahed Al Sebai, the boyfriend of Haitham Ahmed Zaki, mourned after his death inside his home in Sheikh Zayed City, after a sharp drop in blood circulation, to leave our world at the age of 35 years

Nahed Al-Sibai revealed that the artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki predicted his death alone and published a set of pictures with the artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki. I die on my own in the house and Mhaddsh feel between us and feel that I am a small concern. "

She added, "I always want to tell you you say that Ashan Rukm and Nkdi if I believed you would have preferred Aloulak base with you, my brother and brother and neighbor and ten years of age m born."

The Syndicate of Representative Professions announced the news of the death of the artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki by a member of the board of directors.

A large number of stars of art have been keen on the social media in the forefront of them Ahmed Al Sakka and Sherif Mounir.


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