Businessman Mikhail Khodorkovsky announced the termination of support for the "Center for Investigation Management." The editor-in-chief of the project, Andrei Konyakhin, resigned. This is stated in the statement of Khodorkovsky, published on the website of MBH Media. LRC sent Orhan Dzhemal, Alexander Rastorguev and Cyril Radchenko to Central Africa.

It emphasizes that Khodorkovsky "came to the conclusion that a significant error in the preparation of the trip [журналистов в Центральную Африку] was the selection of a person on the spot (fixer). "

"Responsibility for this error and, in general, for the quality of the preparation of the trip lies partly with the LRC producer group. Even partial responsibility is too much in this situation. Therefore, I take note of the statement on the resignation of the head of the LRC, Andrei Konyakhin, and I stop, as an investor, support the project "Center for Investigation Management," Khodorkovsky said in a statement.

On August 27, the Federal News Agency, which is associated with businessman Yevgeniy Prigozhin, and in turn, with the private military company Wagner, published pictures of the preparations for the trip to Africa. It involved the LRC staff and the film crew. After coming to the CAR, journalists wrote that there was a "logistical collapse", they failed to get to the desired object, and local residents do not permit themselves to be photographed.

August 29 at the disposal of the "Russian Service BBC BBC" was a correspondence producer LRC with a fixture named Martin. He wrote that he had found housing for the journalists and the driver, but nobody had seen him personally. Martin was advised by journalists correspondent FAN Kirill Romanovsky. He called him a member of the UN mission in the CAR. At the same time, he could not remember his name. Two sources in the LRC reported that Romanovsky was trusted, so they trusted Martin. The UN mission in the CAR reported that they "do not have a consultant, who would be called Martin."

After the murder of journalists, he stopped contacting. The driver of the victims, whom Martin found to them, survived the attack and is now in custody. The authorities explain this as a security measure.



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